About Us Gus Fares Architects P/L

  • Experience & Professionalism

    Gus Fares Architects Pty Ltd is a Sydney-Australia based architectural firm, Established in 2004 by Gus Fares RAIA. Gus Fares is a registered Architect with over 25 years of experience in architectural design, contract administration and Eco-Friendly housing.

    Gus and his design team have designed hundreds of new buildings ranging from houses to large high rise buildings throughout the State. Together with the understanding of the Building Codes and Various Council Controls Gus Fares Architects has excelled in meeting client’s brief with council’s visions and planing.

    Gus Fares Architects have an extensive knowledge in the construction industry and in the Renewable Energy such as solar, Hydrogen, Bio-Gas, Bio-Mass, Geothermal etc, as well as the application of these technologies in the architectural field.

    Gus Fares is an active member of the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) and involved in daily basis in assessing building projects for sustainability and Thermal Performance using the latest computer programs. Also he uses the NSW state Department of Planning internet based assessment tool BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) for the purpose of assessing the Thermal, Energy and Water consumption of residential dwellings.

    Our Team of architects train regularly in the use of these technologies.

  • Why you need an Architect

    An extract from the “Australian Institute of Architects” (Formally The Royal Australian Institute of Architects) RAIA's pamphlet title “Why you need an architect”:

    “Designing and Building a home, office or investment property can be extraordinary complex. Few appreciate how difficult it can be. Arriving at the right design, navigating the town planning process, setting a realistic budget, selecting materials, and just some tasks you will need to involve yourself with, intimately, if you decide to do it alone.

    Architects have the qualifications, professional training, vision and experience to manage the entire design and construction process…Architects create environments inside and outside spaces that function well, that define you and how you like to live and work…Architects designed buildings are more desirable and sought after…well designed buildings work efficiently…Your architect knows how to plan rationally for best environmental performance…successful architecture has an inner glow…A well-designed building should fit you, so that it feels uniquely yours…The right architect for you is the one who can provide judgment, experience and creative skills you seek, and work within your budget…It is the architect’s job to explore all the design options to turn your vision into reality…Only registered architects may use the title, architect…you should only engage a registered architect…”

    That is why you need an Architect!